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Study Options

The study options suit to the needs of both full time and part time students. There are two main modes of study at ICMA Pakistan:

Coaching Classes

The institute organizes intensive coaching classes at all ICMA Pakistan centers. A candidate seeking admission in coaching classes can contact the nearest ICMA Pakistan centers as per their choice, convenience and commitment.


Coaching at ICMA Pakistan Centres

ICMA Pakistan is a truly national level institute having 6 own and 5 private centers through out Pakistan, in all the provinces and major cities, giving enough access and flexibility to carry on and continue studies from anywhere in Pakistan. Uniform and consistent instruction is delivered across all centers.


Eligibility Requirement

The students, who are enrolled under the 'Coaching Course' programme in a particular session, must have attended at least 60% class lectures to become eligible to appear in the examination.


Distance Learning Programme (DLP)

Distance Learning Programme (DLP) facility is available through Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Centres of the Institute. Those students who cannot attend Coaching Classes can avail the programme.

The students, who would take admission under this Programme, will get assignment questionnaires through Institute website. The total number of assignments for each subject is 10.


Duration of the Programme

The students will be required to complete 60% assignments of the courses in which they are enrolled in the same academic session. If they fail to complete 60% assignments within that session, they shall be required to re-enrol themselves in the next session by paying 100% Distance Learning Programme fee.


Preparation of Assignments

The students are advised to observe the following guidelines:

  • Review the core and additional readings as prescribed in the syllabus.
  • Read the relevant chapters of the prescribed text or other reading material.
  • Read the assignment questions thoroughly before writing answers.
  • Prepare assignments with due care and diligence.
  • Organise and present the material for answers carefully so as to reflect an analytical approach to the understanding of these problems.
  • Produce narrative answers adequately and express them with clarity and conviction.
  • Provide complete answers and include all pertinent points.


Model Solutions to Distance Learning Programme (DLP)

Model solutions are not provided to the students. In order to pass the examination of any Stage, within the specified period, it is necessary that the students must work hard and equip themselves with the requisite knowledge of the subject. Consistent hard work will enable them to develop self- confidence and self-reliance.


Evaluation of Assignments

The assignments are checked and returned with necessary corrections and comments of the evaluators. All assignments of a subject consist of a specified number of questions. A total of 100 marks are allocated to each assignment and each question carries different marks.


Rules for Submitting Assignments

In order to streamline the flow of assignments at the Institute, the students are required to submit assignments according to the following rules:

  • The particulars noted below must be indicated on the face sheet of the assignment script:
    • Registration Number
    • Name
    • Full Mailing Address
    • Stage
    • Subject
    • Assignment Number
  • Assignments must be written in ink, in student's own handwriting. Typewritten assignments are not accepted.
  • The assignment should be submitted to the officer In-charge of Distance Learning Programme at the Centre.
  • Students must not copy the answers from the textbooks or other students' assignments.
  • Checked assignments are returned to the students within 30 days. The concerned centre should be contacted if assignments are not received back within 30 days from the date of submission. The Institute will not be responsible for misplaced/ lost assignments.

    Examination Eligibility

    The students, who are enrolled under the 'Distance Learning Programme', must have submitted 60% assignments of each subject in which they are enrolled on or before 20th June for Spring [August] Examination and 20th December for Fall [February] Examination to become eligible to appear in the examination.